Set like a jewel into the dashboard of the new Renault Clio, Renault R-Link brings the world of smart phones into the car, with its large touch screen, modern interfaces and beautifully-designed graphics on every screen.

Renault R-Link's multimedia interface provides simple features designed for in-car use: thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity and the USB and Jack ports on the front panel, listening to portable music players or viewing photos and videos (whilst stationary) could not be simpler.

Finally, with R-Link store - the first 'App Store' for cars - you can view and download a rich and varied range of applications with complete ease. You can also easily update your products.

A catalogue of products compatible with your R-Link. You'll find applications, packs and content (e.g. maps, points of interest).

You can also :

- Carry out free updates and manage your profile and products
- Browse the catalogue of services, applications and content
- Save your payment cards to somplify purchases from your vehicle
- Consult the help section or view the FAQs for any questions you may have about the R-Link Store